Thundering Thrash

065 · NEXO Shield Power of Clay (Forbidden Power)
Something brand new, lovely and pristine will be ripe for the scrapyard after being hit by this Forbidden Power. And it's loud, too.

Use this as the first power for the LEGO Nexo Power Mixer!

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More LEGO NEXO Knights Powers from Clay

001 - Hawk Holler

Everyone will take notice of your loud shriek.

002 - Backlash Lightning

It only takes a spark to kick up a storm.

003 - Stronghold of Resolution

Knights must have the spirit and courage to battle!

004 - Mech Master

Squirebots are fearless and very helpful in battle.

005 - Sword Tornado

When a tornado is full of swords, watch out!

006 - Sea Dragon

Expect a wet greeting from this dragon!

007 - Backfire

Vengeance is a dish best served cold.

008 - Egg of Doom

Look out! The egg of doom is about to hatch...

009 - Croc Tears

Never step on logs floating on water.

011 - Dragon of Justice

Give enemies a taste of their own medicine.

012 - Formation of Fortitude

You are not alone. When in a pickle call for help!

013 - Roaring Righteousness

Shout fiercely at the enemies to stun them.

014 - Order of the Knights Code

Boost yourself with the strength of every knight!

015 - Banana Bombs

Those bananas look delicious, but peel with care.

016 - Beam Jump

A great warrior can be in more places than one at the same time.

017 - Rocketship

Outer space is a dangerous place!

018 - Veil of Concealment

If your enemies can't see you, you're safe!

019 - Zap Zap

Lay electrified traps to stop anyone in their tracks.

020 - Ultra Armor Activate

Create an electric aura around yourself!

021 - Broom of Doom

Swipe your enemies away.

022 - Minify Suprise

They will never see you coming!

023 - Brain Freeze

Even the greatest warriors can't eat ice cream too fast.

024 - Whirlwind

Nothing can survive this storm of axes!

025 - Giant Growth

Thex will see you coming a 1000 miles away!

026 - Raptor Bite

They might be extinct, but they can still bite.

030 - Fireflies

Watch out! Those cute bugs burn!

031 - Ship Wrecker

Summon a giant anchor to drag enemies away!

032 - Shadow Snail

These sneaky snails are rare and fast!

060 - Collapsing Crumble

Any structure or statue made of stone will hit rock bottom with this one!

061 - Corrupting Crush

You will be stuck between a rock and a hard place because of this Power. Want to get thin? This is the most unpleasant way of doing it.

062 - Vicious Voltage

Zap! Lightning at your fingertips. This electrical power will fry any electronic ... and give you a really bad hair day.

065 - Thundering Thrash

Something brand new, lovely and pristine will be ripe for the scrapyard after being hit by this Forbidden Power. And it's loud, too.


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Newest LEGO NEXO Knights Powers

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Clay: Added on 2018-07-03.

144 - Lock Smith

Aaron: Added on 2018-07-03.

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Clay: Added on 2018-07-01.

261 - Achilles' Heel

Macy: Added on 2018-07-01.

053 - Rubber Band of Mischief

Clay: Added on 2018-06-19.

146 - Needle Storm

Aaron: Added on 2018-06-19.

156 - Aging Antilife

Aaron: Using this Power never gets old, but you will be. This Power will make you move like an old grandpa in an matter of minutes. Bushy eyebrows and all. Added on 2018-06-19.

246 - Nightmare Lullaby

Macy: Added on 2018-06-19.

251 - Snakeskin

Macy: Added on 2018-06-19.

257 - Metal Morphosis

Macy: Turning lead to gold? No! This power does the exact opposite and turns you into scrap metal. Your gold will be worthless and your economy will be in shambles. Added on 2018-06-19.

440 - Centipede

Axl: Added on 2018-06-19.

456 - Timber!!!

Axl: Added on 2018-06-19.

133 - Alpha Drill

Aaron: Added on 2018-06-06.

139 - Cleansing Rain

Aaron: Added on 2018-06-06.

351 - Howblitzer

Lance: Added on 2018-06-06.

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Merlok: Added on 2017-12-14.

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501 - The Crossbow Of Merlok

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