Malicious Melting

464 · NEXO Shield Power of Axl (Forbidden Power)
Useless on a warm sunny day, but during winter it can melt snow faster than you can say Frosty the Snow man.

Use this as the first power for the LEGO Nexo Power Mixer!

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401 - Ground Pound

The earth will tremble at your every hit.

402 - NEXO Blade

Jaestro will hear it coming.

403 - Target Blaster

Expose the enemy's flaws.

404 - Phoenix Blaze

Surround yourself in a blaze of flames!

405 - Storm Dragon

These dragons will shock you when angry!

406 - Mightiness

A knight has to be strong. Now you can be STRONGER!

407 - Flame Wreck

What is better than a sharp blade? A sharp blade on fire!

408 - Hammer Slam

No one likes to be hit in the head!

409 - Giggling Ultra Armor

Make your enemies pay a high price for attacking you.

410 - Raging Rally

A knight can always push himself to the limit.

411 - Stone Burst

Shower your foes with rock shards!

412 - Power Plant

Some plants have flowers, others have teeth!

413 - Under Woe

Is it raining underwear?!

414 - Downsizer

Shrink foes down small enough to fit into the palm of your hand.

415 - Gauntlet of Truth

Quickly boost your knights' attacks!

416 - Ultra Armor Awesome Sauce

Boost your NEXO Armor with this ingredient!

417 - End of Time

Bend time to your will.

418 - Clover of Misfortune

Your attacks can be hit or miss. Take a gamble.

419 - Bad Boils

You are in for a surprise if you squash them!

420 - Atomic Acorn

A handful of these will clear the battlefield for you.

422 - Fire Tornado

Sweep your enemies away in a swirl of flames.

423 - Wall Block

Summon the most simple but effective of powers.

424 - Rock Throw

Take aim and slingshot away!

425 - Fist Smash

Headache incoming!

426 - Foul Steam

Even the most powerful warriors fear the smell of a well-aged cheese!

427 - Monsoon Storm

Blast away foes with powerful gusts of wind.

428 - Stampede

This herd will trample on your foes.

430 - Remote Control

Set a trap no enemy can resist.

433 - Wasp Missile

Never disturb a wasp hive.

434 - Iron Hair

Watch your enemies suffer from your new look!

435 - Ripping Thorns

No one can escape!

436 - Rock 'n' Roll

Use the power of music to electrify your foes.

462 - Awesome Annihilation

The baddest of the bunch. It annihilates ... and it's awesome. Hence the name.

463 - Blazing Burn

Got a match? You won't need one with this Forbidden Power. A hit will engulf any object in a fire hotter than the deepest pits of the Lavalands.

464 - Malicious Melting

Useless on a warm sunny day, but during winter it can melt snow faster than you can say Frosty the Snow man.

465 - Volcanic Vengeance

Cold feet? Not with this power. The floor will literally be made of lava, with volcanic scorching hot magma and molten rocks flying through the air.

Power Elements

Slow, Burn




LEGO Set appearence of Malicious Melting

LEGO 70359 - Lance vs. Lightning

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