Collectible Minifigures: Series 20 (71027)

vom 29.04.2020 von

It's time to open up the 20th Series of the LEGO Collectable Minifigures!
You can watch the Blind Bag Opening here at the bottom of the article.

As I was unpacking the Minifigures I noticed, that my minifigure-count differed from the one posted on I marked the differences in the following list:

  • 01 - Piñata Boy (3x)
  • 02 - Breakdancer (3x)
  • 03 - Pea Pod Costume Girl (4x)
  • 04 - Tournament Knight (4x) (Brickset: 5x)
  • 05 - Pirate Girl (4x)
  • 06 - Space Fan (4x)
  • 07 - Llama Costume Girl (3x)
  • 08 - Viking (3x)
  • 09 - Super Warrior (4x) (Brickset: 5x)
  • 10 - Martial Arts Boy (4x)
  • 11 - Athlete (3x)
  • 12 - Marine Biologist (7x) (Brickset: 5x)
  • 13 - Brick Costume Guy (4x)
  • 14 - 80s Musician (3x)
  • 15 - Pyjama Girl (3x)
  • 16 - Drone Boy (4x)
I was choosing every bag to open, just by feeling for elements that are special to each minifgure. As I just want to open one whole set, I had to come up with a method do be 100% sure, that I could trust my feeling, so I got my micro scale out of the kitchen and checked the weight of each bag, as seen on the photo below with Collectible Minifigures: Series 18. You can also see the codes used in previous Minifigure Series on the right. Series 20 does still have those markings, but they are very hard to read. It seems as if they are rolled/pressed with something shortly before packaging.

Another interesting piece of our puzzle is this 4-digit code on back of every bag:

It is not a distinct code for every Minifigure, but there are these seven which are reoccurring: 05S0, 06S0, 11S0, 12S0, 13S0, 14S0, 15S0. They list as follows:

  • 01 - 06S0 - Piñata Boy
  • 02 - 14S0 - Breakdancer
  • 03 - 12S0 - Pea Pod Costume Girl
  • 04 - 14S0 - Tournament Knight
  • 05 - 12S0 - Pirate Girl
  • 06 - 14S0 - Space Fan
  • 07 - 11S0 - Llama Costume Girl
  • 08 - 13S0 - Viking
  • 09 - 14S0 - Super Warrior
  • 10 - 06S0 (05S0: 1 out of 4) Martial Arts Boy
  • 11 - 15S0 - Athlete
  • 12 - 14S0 - Marine Biologist
  • 13 - 12S0 - Brick Costume Guy
  • 14 - 14S0 - 80s Musician
  • 15 - 14S0 - Pyjama Girl
  • 16 - 14S0 - Drone Boy
Marked in bold are the distinctive codes, for example a bag with 11S0 can only have the Llama Costume Girl in it (Beware: this is just extrapolated data out of one 60 bag box). Just the Martial Arts Boy had three bags with 06S0 and one with 05S0 on it, so you could also say, that if you get a 05S0, it hast to be the Martial Arts Boy.
Following the chart below you can see the median of the weight of the bags (underneath the weight in grams). The diameter of the circles represent the standard deviation put into relation to each minifgure.

With this data at hand you can see that for example minifigures 05, 13 and 03 are very good to distinguish with the help of their weight and 4-digit code. For all bags marked 14S0 it is not that easy, some don't differ too much in weight from each other. Just a side note: the biggest circle represents a standard deviation of 0,30 grams, normally it's around 0,05. Also the median for only the bag and instruction is 3,98 grams with a standard deviation of just 0,03 grams.

Here is my video of the Blind Bag Opening: